HypeZero10 Returns 17.1% Last Quarter

For those investors new to HypeZero, we run an automated portfolio of 10 of the best investment ideas from the best hedge funds called HypeZero10.

We take the quarterly holdings of the best hedge funds, and then run our sophisticated algorithm on those holdings to pick the 10 ideas.

This algorithm has returned over 199+% since 2004 exclusive of dividends. A $10,000 investment would be worth almost $30,000 in over 8 years.

For the November 15th to February 15th quarter, HypeZero10 returned 17.1% as compared to 12.9% for the S&P.

Here are the results:

Company Price (Nov 15) Price (Feb 15) Hedge Fund 
Apple Inc. (AAPL) $525.62 $460.16 David Einhorn
Sears Holdings Corporation (SHLD) $58.48+spinoffs $47.33 Edward Lampert
AIG (AIG) $31.24  $38.35 Bruce Berkowitz 
Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) $17.89  $21.02 Dan Loeb
Procter & Gamble Co. (PG) $66.32  $76.54 Warren Buffett 
AutoNation Inc. (AN) $40.28  $46.03 Edward Lampert 
BankUnited, Inc. (BKU) $22.16  $27.57 Wilbur Ross
News Corp. (NWSA) $23.12  $28.90 Donald Yacktman 
Assured Guaranty Ltd. (AGO)  $12.88  $19.61 Wilbur Ross
Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) $90.38 $118.87 William Ackman
Return  S&P Return   12.9%

Check out new holdings for the February 15th quarter at HypeZero10

Disclosure: I am long AIG

Yahoo! rounds out HypeZero10

Last week I wrote about five top picks from some of the best value based hedge fund managers (HypeZero10). Today, let’s look at the rest of the picks that make up HypeZero10.

BankUnited, Inc. (BKU)

BankUnited is Wilber Ross’s top holding. The bank failed during the financial crisis in 2009 and was taken private by a group that included Ross. It was taken public in 2011 and Ross has owned 13,721,131 shares since then.

Earlier this year, the bank put itself up for sale, but nothing materialized. 

News Corp. (NWSA)

Manager Shares (July 30) Shares (September 30) Change
Dan Loeb 4,000,000 0 -4,000,000
Donald Yacktman 80,823,447 80,556,339 -267,108
Lee Ainslie 1,924,080 4,183,890  +2,259,810
Seth Klarman 15,041,665 13,041,665 -2,000,000
Steve Mandel 13,675,800 14,042,265 +366,465
Andreas Halvorsen 22,846,690 30,757,252 +7,910,562

Even though, Yacktman reduced his holdings by 267,108 shares, it is still his top holding. It is also Halvorsen’s top holding. 

Here is an interview with Yacktman about News Corporation.

Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO)

Yahoo made it on HypeZero10 predominantly due to Dan Loeb. He owns 73,000,400 shares and it is his largest position. Lee Ainslie and David Einhorn also have small positions in the company.

Assured Guaranty Ltd. (AGO)

Assured Guaranty made it on HypeZero10 due to Wilbur Ross. He owns 19,835,370 shares and it is his second largest position. Bruce Berkowitz also owns a very small position, 51,700 shares.

Here is a piece on why he Ross is so bullish on Assured Guaranty saying it is “probably the best risk/reward position in my entire portfolio.”

Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP)

Bill Ackman owns 24,159,888 shares of Canadian Pacific and it is his largest holding.

Disclosure: I do not own any stocks mentioned above.