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  1. Amit:

    Do you do any research on overseas investment opportunities? There has been a lot of activity at Vivendi, the French Media conglomerate. Seth Klarman owns a large stake, and Vincent Bollore just increased his stake to over 5%. I think there is a lot of value, considering the 6 underlying businesses and the fact that activist investors appear to want to break up the entire company. I started accumulating shares in April 2012, and it represents one of my top holdings.

  2. Hi Amit,

    Love your site and it’s coverage of some of these unusual situations. Just out of curiosity because I’m a college student hoping to become a better investor, do you have any suggestions/recommendations on accounting/financial statement analysis books?

    Would love to hear back from you. Also jealous you live in SoCal! I’d love to end up there for the long run a couple years after I graduate from school lol.

    • Thanks John,

      Unfortunately, I have not read any accounting/financial books. I did read security analysis and intelligent investor back in the day.
      I also took an accounting course in college which helped. But the best advice is to just read 10-Ks and 10-Qs and if you dont understand
      something on the balance sheet, just look it up.

      Also, don’t be tied down to the numbers. From personal experience of losing money, try to look at the bigger picture of the company, the industry as well as the numbers.

      Also, if you dont understand something after trying for a while. Just skip the company and move onto something else.

      I am sure you have already read “How to become a stock Market Genius..” by Joel Greenblat. I think that is the best book I read on investing.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Look at CELGZ. I think there’s a very high probability that their Abraxane drug gets approved for pancreatic cancer, which would lead to a $7.00 payment per CVR. That means you’re buying the earn out feature for >$0.40. The earn out starts at 2.5% of Abraxane sales over $1 billion, so on 40 million CVRs, that could be $0.50 per annum.

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