AIG Top Pick Among Hedge Funds

On November 15, all hedge funds reported their quarterly holdings (13F) ending September 30. I updated the new HypeZero10 portfolio for this quarter. Their has not been any changes to the portfolio from the previous quarter. However, their were some interesting trades.


AIG (AIG) became the top pick for HypeZero10 as a lot of hedge fund managers bought shares of the company. Read my article here on AIG here.

Manager Shares (July 30) Shares (September 30) Change
Dan Loeb 2,250,000  23,500,000  +21,250,000
Julian Robertson 523,000  523,000  0
Bruce Berkowitz  87,987,894  86,545,718  -1,442,176
John Griffin  10,440,000  10,440,000  0
Leon Cooperman 4,586,900  8,054,600  +3,467,700
Andreas Halvorsen 2,090,000 7,505,362  +5,415,362
David Tepper 0 8,250,000 +8,250,000

Although Bruce Berkowitz sold over 1 million shares of AIG, he still holds 40% of his portfolio in AIG and is his top pick.

It is also a top 5 holding of Dan Loeb, John Griffin, Leon Cooperman, and David Tepper.


Bruce Berkowitz and Eddie Lampert still hold a huge stake in Sears (SHLD). It is Lampert’s top position and it is Berkowitz’s second largest position.

Read my article on Sears here


Manager Shares (July 30) Shares (September 30) Change
David Einhorn 1,454,520 1,090,890 -363,630
Dan Loeb  425,000 710,000 +285,000
Julian Robertson 100,930  100,930 0
Chuck Akre 35,106 35,106 0
John Griffin 751,500  662,000  -89,500
Lee Ainslie 540,211 536,441  -3,770 
Leon Cooperman 266,104 266,404  +300
Steve Mandel 1,423,209 805,269 -617,940
Andreas Halvorsen 980,600 1,094,000 +113,400
David Tepper 516,338 521,188 +4,850

Most notable here is that David Einhorn reduced his position in Apple (AAPL), but it is still his top holding. Steve Mandel almost halved his stake. 

Dan Loeb increased his stake and now it is one of his top 5 holdings.


Eddie Lampert still holds 48,063,910 shares of AutoNation (AN). It is his second largest holding behind Sears.

Procter & Gamble Co. (PG)

Manager Shares (July 30) Shares (September 30) Change
Bill Ackman 8,387,700 (Calls) 6,452,700 (Calls) -1,935,000
Bill Ackman 21,916,208  27,946,892 +6,030,684
Warren Buffett 59,602,203 52,793,078 -6,809,125
Donald Yacktman 27,464,378 27,781,353 +316,975

It is interesting that Warren Buffett reduced his stake by more than 10% stake in Procter & Gamble (PG). It is still a top 5 holding for Buffett.

Ackman added to his shares while reducing the number of call options. It is also a top 5 holding for Ackman.

Yacktman added to his stake, and it is also a top 5 holding for him.  

I will have more information about the remaining HypeZero10 picks in the follow-up article.

Disclosure: I am long AIG.

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