HypeZero10 Returns 11.5% Last Quarter

For those investors new to HypeZero, I run an automated portfolio of 10 of the best investment ideas from the best hedge funds called HypeZero10.

We take the quarterly holdings of the best hedge funds, and then run our sophisticated algorithm on those holdings to pick the 10 ideas.

This algorithm has returned over 223+% since 2004 exclusive of dividends. A $10,000 investment would be worth almost $32,300 in over 8 years.

For the November 15th, 2012 to May 15th, 2013, HypeZero10 returned 31.2% as compared to 23.9% for the S&P.

This quarter there are two new positions as News Corp (NWSA) and BankUnited (BKU) have been discraded:

  • BP plc (BP)
  • Exco Resources (XCO)

I will have more to say about these companies in future posts.

Disclosure: I am still long AIG

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